We Understand Behavior

What is ABA - Patterson Behavior Services

“That there could be a science of behavior, of what we do, of who we are? How could you resist that?”

Put simply, applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a framework for helping people. ABA providers usually help people with disabilities or social challenges such as autism. The goal is to understand why a person may be struggling with behavior problems, communication deficits, social difficulties, or a variety of other issues. Once we understand why a person acts a certain way, we can begin to help!

How it Works

The main idea is that human behavior is predictable. You can make predictions about people’s behaviors by looking at their past experiences and environment. A clinician called a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) improves existing behaviors and develops new behaviors. This is done by making some changes to the person’s environment.


What to Expect

Services begin with assessments and interviews. This helps identify the client’s and family’s goals. The BCBA and family will work together to improve communication and social skills. Changes take place both during therapy sessions and in the child’s everyday life. 


The Approach

We have an optimistic approach! We do not assume a person’s potential based on diagnosis, intelligence, or current functioning. Sometimes, a little environmental change can make a huge difference. We work tirelessly to identify strengths, build new skills, and bring out the best in people.


The Evidence

We use an evidence-based approach. This means that there is an entire field of science (behavior analysis) and several related areas (psychology, education, medicine) that study ABA. Behavioral therapy has been proven to be effective and is widely considered to be the gold standard of autism treatment.

If your child has autism, do not wait to begin treatment!

The sooner you begin, the more progress can be made. Contact us for a free consultation with a professional today.