Autism is Challenging. Let Us Help You.

Parents Playing with Toddler - Patterson Behavior ServicesParenting a child with autism or a related disability can feel overwhelming. But you are not alone! ABA therapy can improve behavior, increase communication, and create quality social interactions. 

A Plan for Every Age and Ability

ABA therapy programs take place in your own home and community. As your child’s communication and social skills improve, you will learn to decrease challenging behaviors in everyday life. ABA therapy and consulting programs take some of the burden off the family through strategies that really work.

Support for Parents and Family Members

During therapy sessions, parents and other family members are always welcome to join in. You can ask questions, try out the techniques, or just sit back and watch. Some parents also appreciate the chance to take a break and recharge during therapy time.

As kids become more confident in their new skills, they earn friends, fun, and independence. Throughout the ABA process, parents are empowered to improve symptoms of autism.

Tell Us About Your Family!

My child is a toddler or preschooler.

My child is a school-age child or teenager.

My child has an intellectual disability.

If your family has health insurance, ABA is most likely covered.

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