Therapy and Consulting for All Ages

ABA services include a three-step process: assessment, treatment, and training.

Children Playing with Toys - Patterson Behavior ServicesWe always starts with an assessment! The assessment helps us understand why challenging behaviors are occurring. You will also learn which skills are missing and how to teach them. After an assessment, your family will receive a recommendation of how much and what kind of therapy is needed.

Treatment is direct ABA therapy. This includes both structured and naturalistic programs to decrease challenging behaviors and increase adaptive behaviors.

Training is parent and caregiver coaching. This allows progress to be initiated or maintained in the child’s everyday life. In a consulting model, training may be provided without direct treatment.

Individualized Action Plans

Our friendly providers will asses your child in your own home.

    • During the assessment period, a licensed professional called a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will interview you about your concerns and will arrange for interviews or observations with the child’s other providers or caretakers.
    • Next, the BCBA will work directly with your child. Depending on the age and skill level of the child, this may include playing with toys, talking with your child, or testing your child’s skills.
    • During the assessment, you are always welcome to watch and make sure your child is happy and having fun!
    • Next, you will receive an assessment report and treatment plan, which is necessary for insurance to approve funding for ABA.
    • The BCBA will review the plan with you and provide a recommendation of goals to target and how much therapy your child should receive.

An Autism Program for Each Age and Ability

At your home and on your schedule!

  • During treatment, the BCBA and behavior technician will work directly with your child to accomplish goals listed in the treatment plan.
  • Goals are usually related to improving communication skills, improving social interactions, and decreasing challenging behavior.
  • Each child’s goals and programs are highly individualized, but three general formats of ABA therapy are offered. There is a program for everybody; we serve toddlers to adults of all abilities.

Early Intervention

For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Social Coaching

For Kids and Teens

Life Skills

For Intellectual Disabilities


Coaching for Family Members, Caretakers, Teachers, and More!

Everyone can learn to make progress outside of therapy sessions.

  • Parents and others will learn proven techniques to respond to challenging behavior and increase their child’s happiness and independence.
  • As the child progresses, direct treatment may be faded out and the child may “graduate” from therapy! When this happens, parent training may continue. This is to ensure that progress is maintained and to offer solutions as new challenges emerge.
  • Training can also be provided in a consultation model without direct treatment. We provide consulting to families and organizations who support individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities.


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