What to Expect in ABA Consulting

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In addition to ABA therapy, families and organizations can receive services on a short-term or occasional basis. In a consulting model, our providers work directly with those who support individuals with disabilities or social challenges. This includes parents, family members, school districts, group homes, day programs, or other medical and therapeutic providers.

We also collaborate with providers and case managers in Virginia’s Developmental Disability and Early Intervention programs. In these programs, providers work directly with families and service providers to improve quality of life for individuals living in our community.

For Families

A consulting model is especially useful for families who need just a little extra help or who do not have the time or resources to pursue intensive ABA therapy. Family members learn to improve outcomes like social skills, independence, and learning. You will also learn solutions for preventing and responding to challenging behavior in your own home and community.

For Organizations

ABA-based staff training and workshops are useful for those managing challenging behaviors in a group setting. Consulting for organizations may include individualized assessments, planning, supervision, and training on problem behavior reduction and skill acquisition. Support staff and providers learn to prevent challenging behavior before it happens and to respond effectively to challenging behavior as it occurs.

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