Monthly Archives: July 2022

Toddlers Skip the Waitlist!

Announcing our Toddler Initiative Autism therapy is most effective when you get started early. We are proud to announce a special program for children under the age of 3. Submit this form to begin.  Loading… Eligibility Without an early start, children miss out on vital social skills and become more likely to develop aggressive and… Read more »

3 Simple Rules to Get Started

Some kids do not easily learn from everyday life. These kids miss out on important social lessons like how to learn in a group or how to make a new friend. This is where a behavioral therapy program comes in.  When you begin a therapy program, it is best to start simple. Focus on these… Read more »

Teaching Friendly Requests

This is part 2 of our Social Skills for Happy Kids series Appropriate requesting is a primary goal of any good social skills program, whether for toddlers, teens, or adults. When your child approaches you and looks at your face, you know for sure that she is communicating with you, rather than talking to herself… Read more »