Hannah Morgan, RBT, Graduate Intern

Hannah Morgan is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and Graduate Intern with Patterson Behavior Services. In this role, she assists our BCBAs as they create treatment plans, assess skills, and train parents and RBTs. Hannah also works directly with children to teach new skills and reduce challenging behaviors. 

Hannah graduated from Auburn University in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and a concentration in Early Childhood Development. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis (ABA) at Cambridge College. 

How did you find ABA? Was there anything in particular that drew you to the field?

Since I turned 16, I have been volunteering as a camp counselor for individuals with disabilities in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. At Camp SMILE, I learned about ABA since many of the staff members are BCBAs. After learning more about what they do, I was immediately hooked, as I was looking for ways to turn my passion for helping those with disabilities into a career. 

Your job is to teach children new skills, but often the children teach us things as well. What is something you have learned from a child?

I enjoy working with children because they remind me to stay curious and think outside the box. Children have great imaginations, and their wonder and eagerness to learn new things encourages me to always do the same. I aim to approach my job with the same childlike wonder and creativity so that I can relate to my clients on a more personal level. 

What do you think is your main strength on the job?

I love opportunities to play and use my imagination! I think it is important to exercise our imaginations as we get older. During my sessions, I look for ways to turn activities that may seem like work for my clients into fun games.

If we did a preference assessment for you, which reinforcers would we find?

Seafood! Especially raw oysters. Also iced coffee, watching reality TV, and any form of Italian food. 

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