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New Behavior Analysts

Seeking newly-licensed behavior analysts! We are hiring new BCBAs interested in continued support and guidance. BCBAs will learn our compassionate and thoughtful approach to the treatment of developmental disabilities while developing their own niche within the field.  You are eligible to apply if you: Have passed the BCBA exam and have, or are willing to… Read more »

Graduate Student Interns

Introducing our salaried internship program! Graduate Student Interns are temporary employees who work toward the BACB’s Supervised Fieldwork requirements. Interns will learn our compassionate and thoughtful approach to the treatment of developmental disabilities.  You are eligible to apply if you: Are enrolled in or have a current acceptance to a graduate program that meets BACB… Read more »

Individual or Group Learning?

There are only so many hours in a day. And even fewer hours when your child is alert and ready to learn! Currently, local families cannot access effective therapy and group learning simultaneously (though we are working to change that!). We have noticed a pattern for young children and children with substantial support needs. Does this… Read more »

Developmental Support in Schools

Our BCBAs and RBTs work with children in their everyday environments. Sometimes, this is a preschool or daycare center! We are proud of the respectful, collaborative relationships we have built within Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax counties. If your child attends a private school or daycare, reach out for information on our school-based services. And for… Read more »

Parent-Based Therapy Programs

A unique approach for families Parenting a child diagnosed with autism can feel overwhelming. And we know that waitlists for evidence-based behavioral therapy are long. Way too long. Unfortunately, we do not have immediate availability for a full, comprehensive ABA program for each family that contacts us. However, you may be eligible for our parent-based… Read more »

Our Process from Intake to Discharge

Getting a therapy program started can be time-consuming. This is especially true when using health insurance benefits to pay for treatment. We will help you every step of the way. Insurance companies require preauthorization of most therapy services. In order to receive preauthorization, your provider will need to submit proof of diagnosis, a comprehensive assessment… Read more »

Toddlers Skip the Waitlist!

Without an early start, children miss out on vital social skills and become more likely to develop aggressive and dangerous behaviors. We know that waitlists for behavioral therapy are long. Way too long. But toddlers should not be waiting! Their time is too precious. Eligibility Your child may apply to skip our waitlist if he… Read more »

3 Simple Rules to Get Started

Some kids do not easily learn from everyday life. These kids miss out on important social lessons like how to learn in a group or how to make a new friend. This is where a behavioral therapy program comes in.  When you begin a therapy program, it is best to start simple. Focus on these… Read more »

Teaching Friendly Requests

This is part 2 of our Social Skills for Happy Kids series Appropriate requesting is a primary goal of any good social skills program, whether for toddlers, teens, or adults. When your child approaches you and looks at your face, you know for sure that she is communicating with you, rather than talking to herself… Read more »

Happy Kids Make Friendly Requests

Sometimes, kids get what they want in not-so-great ways. They whine, they cry, and they grab things out of our hands. We all have tough days and forget our manners. But for some kids, it’s not just a tough day. Happy people of all ages can ask for what they want. And they can tolerate… Read more »