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The BEST Toys and Games for Developing Social Skills

Finding the right activities for school-age kids with autism or other challenges can be tricky. These kids usually have their own interests and preferences for activities, but those activities are often solitary. Their peers spend a lot of time alone too: watching Netflix or YouTube videos and playing video games. We think there is nothing… Read more »

The BEST Toys for Early Learners

Parents always ask me which toys they should buy for their kids. In the past, I would tell them to just follow their child’s interests and choose anything that encourages lots of talking and turn-taking. And I still believe those are great criteria. However, that was not the answer that anybody wanted to hear! These… Read more »

Kids with Special Needs Thrive in Arlington, Virginia

Working with kids and families in Arlington, Virginia is nothing short of a blessing. Our community has the best of both worlds: the excitement of a major metropolis and the charm of modern Americana. And for families with special needs, living in Arlington comes with some of the best resources and options in the country…. Read more »