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Happy Kids Make Friendly Requests

Sometimes, kids get what they want in not-so-great ways. They whine, they cry, and they grab things out of our hands. We all have tough days and forget our manners. But for some kids, it’s not just a tough day. Happy people of all ages can ask for what they want. And they can tolerate… Read more »

Get Kids Talking with These Fun Books

One of the best parts of working with kids is trying out new games, toys, and books! In therapy sessions, we rely on play and fun to capture kids’ attention and teach them new skills. We love when new language skills emerge during naturalistic activities like playing pretend, taking turns, or reading a book. And… Read more »

The BEST Toys for Early Learners

Parents always ask me which toys they should buy for their kids. In the past, I would tell them to just follow their child’s interests and choose anything that encourages lots of talking and turn-taking. And I still believe those are great criteria. However, that was not the answer that anybody wanted to hear! These… Read more »