The BEST Toys for Early Learners

Parents always ask me which toys they should buy for their kids. In the past, I would tell them to just follow their child’s interests and choose anything that encourages lots of talking and turn-taking. And I still believe those are great criteria. However, that was not the answer that anybody wanted to hear! These parents wanted a list of specific toys. So, of course, I made a list. Several lists, actually: categorized by age and ability and tested by kids we have worked with.

Kicking off this series, here are the best toys for toddlers and preschoolers. Young children love these of course, but older children or even adults with disabilities may enjoy these as well. In our experience, these toys encourage requesting and labeling, promote authentic social interaction, and can be used as reinforcers within a therapy program. So here you go! These are the very best toys for helping early learners grow.

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For Social Skills

For Learning Language

For Motor Skills and Visual Attention

For Sensory-Seekers

Next, check out our favorites toys and games for older kids or more advanced learners!

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