A Welcome Message


and welcome to the new website and blog for Patterson Behavior Services, a private practice offering applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and consulting.

We are a small team dedicated to helping people with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental and intellectual disabilities. We have generally kept a pretty low profile online, but it’s high time for an upgrade!

Given the global coronavirus pandemic, spring 2020 has brought time for hard work and reflection. By day, we video conference with families, oversee therapy programs, write reports, and miss getting to see our kids and families in person (big time!). But by night, we are creating some new digital content to share with parents, professionals, and fellow community members in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Please subscribe using the green button below so you don’t miss anything.

Happy Birthday to Us


At the time of posting, Patterson Behavior Services is approaching its second birthday. We spend a lot of time with two-year-olds, so we know what to expect. We are looking forward to rapid growth, better communication, and a larger network. Little kids and little businesses get told “no” too much and fight hard to be heard. But we are tenacious above all else!

Compassionate and Thoughtful ABA

Our practice exists because it offers something unique. For starters, you can get ahold of us! With our one-day promise, you get a response from a professional within a single business day. And when you need information to help your child, our approach is always compassionate and thoughtful.

We believe that all people deserve happiness and inclusion. To accomplish this, it takes an empathic provider who has been trained to understand and respond to all types of behavior. Effective treatment is based in science, systematic in its approach, and includes the whole family.

When you begin a therapy or consulting program at Patterson Behavior Services, you get an individualized plan of action and professional guidance with each step. So test the one-day promise! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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