The BEST Toys and Games for Developing Social Skills

Finding the right activities for school-age kids with autism or other challenges can be tricky. These kids usually have their own interests and preferences for activities, but those activities are often solitary. Their peers spend a lot of time alone too: watching Netflix or YouTube videos and playing video games. We think there is nothing wrong with a little bit of screen time. But it is hard to beat toys and games that promote real-life social skills like sharing, taking turns, and making conversation!

Now that we have covered The BEST Toys for Early Learners, here are our favorite activities for kids who have more advanced play skills. These are kids who can answer questions and cooperate with (or at least tolerate!) their peers. Usually, this means elementary-age children. But older kids, teens, or even adults will definitely enjoy some of the activities on this list! 

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Taking Turns

Creative Building

Arts and Crafts

Outdoor Activities

Conversation Starters

Matching and Categorizing

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