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Amanda Breed, RBT

Amanda Breed is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with Patterson Behavior Services. In this role, she works directly with children to teach new skills and reduce challenging behaviors. Amanda has been an RBT for 2 years and is currently studying to become a Behavior Analyst. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Hobart and William… Read more »

Susan Thomson, Clinical Administrator

Susan Thomson is the Clinical Administrator for Patterson Behavior Services. In this role, she acts as a liaison between our providers, families, and health insurance companies.  Susan completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Arkansas and has worked in a variety of healthcare and administrative settings. In particular, her background as a pediatric occupational… Read more »

Valerie Zagursky, BCBA

Valerie Zagurksy started out as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with Patterson Behavior Services. Now, Valerie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. In this role, she creates treatment plans, assesses skills, and works with a team of parents and RBTs to create learning opportunities for each child. Valerie has worked in the field for more… Read more »

Get Kids Talking with These Fun Books

One of the best parts of working with kids is trying out new games, toys, and books! In therapy sessions, we rely on play and fun to capture kids’ attention and teach them new skills. We love when new language skills emerge during naturalistic activities like playing pretend, taking turns, or reading a book. And… Read more »

Autism Therapy Can Save Your Summer!

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused cancellations in summer camp, summer school, child care, sports, hobbies, vacations, and social opportunities. For parents of kids with autism, this can feel like a disaster! Not only are these kids losing the chance to practice their communication and social skills, they are missing the routine and structure that they… Read more »

The BEST Toys and Games for Developing Social Skills

Finding the right activities for school-age kids with autism or other challenges can be tricky. These kids usually have their own interests and preferences for activities, but those activities are often solitary. Their peers spend a lot of time alone too: watching Netflix or YouTube videos and playing video games. We think there is nothing… Read more »

The BEST Toys for Early Learners

Parents always ask me which toys they should buy for their kids. In the past, I would tell them to just follow their child’s interests and choose anything that encourages lots of talking and turn-taking. And I still believe those are great criteria. However, that was not the answer that anybody wanted to hear! These… Read more »

Kids with Special Needs Thrive in Arlington, Virginia

Working with kids and families in Arlington, Virginia is nothing short of a blessing. Our community has the best of both worlds: the excitement of a major metropolis and the charm of modern Americana. And for families with special needs, living in Arlington comes with some of the best resources and options in the country…. Read more »

Top 3 Telehealth Lessons from Covid-19

It has been a rocky start to 2020 for most of us. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged families in many ways. We all miss the comfort of a daily routine and a clear sense of the future. And for people with autism, uncertainty may bring out some challenging behaviors. Disruption in routine can set off… Read more »

Mandana Mohtasham, RBT

Mandana Mohtasham is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with Patterson Behavior Services. In this role, she works directly with children to teach new skills and reduce challenging behaviors. Mandana received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology and a graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis from George Mason University in 2018. She has been an RBT… Read more »